Keeping an eye on the eyes

Last summer, around August, I had a blood clot land in the retina of my right eye.  The result was a damaged area of the retina, which meant a large ‘hole’ in the vision of that eye.  Within about a month the clot had dissipated, my retina had healed itself and my vision returned to normal.

It did mean taking a different look at my ET, and how my medication was working.  We determined that my ideal platelet count was a little lower than we had originally figured.  Although a count of up to 450 is considered normal, I appear to have more symptoms and episodes once my count gets over 400.  So, at that time, we had increased my HU dosage.  Later, we would decide to switch me off of HU and onto Pegasys, partially because Pegasys is supposed to address clotting better.

In addition, it has meant that I go for regular checks on my eyes, to see if I have any clot-related damage.  Yesterday was my 6 month check, and I am happy to say that my retinas are free of clots.  My Ophthalmologist has decided to have me checked annually from now on.  In the meantime, I will continue with my daily, low-dose aspirin.


~ by julie70 on June 14, 2011.

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