The Quest for Mayo

No, I’m not making a sandwich ;).  I’m trying to get an appointment with Dr. Ruben Mesa, at the Scottsdale Mayo Clinic.  The Mayo Clinic is not easy to get into, so it’s taking some time.  But I am determined.

I have seen Dr. Mesa in videos like this one: Mayo Clinic ET Video. He has also done conference calls with our ET Support Group. I think he’s wonderful and very personable, but most importantly, he is highly knowledgeable about ET.

I’ve recently gotten a little frustrated with my situation and decided that I needed to see Dr. Mesa. I happen to know someone on staff at the MPD Foundation, and when I told her how things have been going and that I wanted to see Dr. Mesa, she called him personally and asked what he thought. He told her to have me go see him asap. You don’t have to tell me twice. When a man who is at the top of his field says you need to do something, you do it. Plus, I keep telling ET patients that I meet to get a second opinion if they’re not 100% happy, so it was time to listen to myself. I still love my Hematologist, but I am feeling the need for an ability to consult with specialists.

Getting an appointment at the Mayo Clinic will test your determination. First, you have to submit your insurance information to make sure that you will be covered. In my case, this also meant getting a referral and approval from my regular doctor and my insurance (that’s just how my insurance works). Then, it turns out that the Hematology/Oncology department at Mayo (and only this department – lucky us!) has to review your request for an appointment to decide if they want to take you on. Fortunately for me, I know Dr. Mesa will take me because of that phone call. So now it is just a matter of waiting for them to call me back to make the appointment.

So keep your fingers crossed for me, folks. Hopefully, soon, I will be flying to Arizona to see Dr. Mesa!


~ by julie70 on December 4, 2010.

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