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Did you know that you can list any organization you wish as the recipient of your United Way donation?  I didn’t.  When I filled out the card to deduct a weekly donation from my paycheck, they recommended certain organizations to me.  Not having a specific organization in mind, I just chose one of the recommendations.

I recently learned that you can chose any organization you want, and you can even divide your donation up between more than one organization.  Two wonderful organizations to consider are the MPD Foundation and Friends of ET Research.  These two organizations funded the research that led to the discovery of the JAK2 mutation.  I have also had personal experiences with the MPD Foundation, such as support group meetings and personal assistance with treatment, that I cannot rave enough about, and I receive their newletter (I would highly recommend signing up for it).

You can learn more about both organizations here:

MPD Foundation

Friends of ET Research

If you are unaware of the United Way paycheck deduction, ask your employer about it.  You can give as little as $1 a week.  You won’t even realize it’s gone, but at the end of the year, you’ve made a $52 donation!  And of course, you can give more than that if you choose.  The amount is taken straight from your paycheck, so it requires no effort on your part aside from the initial card that you fill out.

You simply need to have the tax ID number and address for your chosen organization when you sign up.  So here you go:

MPD Foundation
Tax ID Number: 36-4330967
180 N. Michigan Avenue
Suite 1870
Chicago IL 60601

Friends of ET Research
Tax ID Number:   06-1608492
10445 Terra Lago Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33412

Mention it to your friends, too.  Most people who sign up for the deduction simply do as I did and choose one of the recommended organizations, because they don’t have one that they are partial to.  Letting them know about those two organizations, and how you benefit from them, may make the difference.


~ by julie70 on December 4, 2010.

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