We’re making progress!

Two weeks ago my Hematologist made the decision to put me on oral chemotherapy.  At that time, my platelet count was 855,000.  It had been hovering between 814,000 and 863,000 since we started keeping track of it.  He started me on 2000mg of Hydrea (Hydroxyurea) per day, divided between two doses: morning and night.

After the first week my count was at 831,000.  I wouldn’t really call it a drop, even though it was down from the 855,000 a week before, because it was still within the usual range for me.  I was a little discouraged.  Not only had there not been a significant change, but I had also had some weight gain.  I had been told by others who take Hydrea that the weight gain could be expected.  I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case for me since my appetite had suffered, but apparently there would be no exception for me.

Well, my Hematologist was not at all discouraged, in contrast to how I was feeling.  He left my dosage where it was at and told me to give it another week.  So I did, and along with it watched the scale move up a total of 10 pounds since beginning the chemo.  10 pounds in 2 weeks…I was not happy, considering positive results were yet to be seen.

Today was my blood draw day, so I braved the bad roads and headed back in, mumbling to myself about how there had better be some improvement this time.  You could say I was not very enthusiastic.  It didn’t help that my fatigue wasn’t much better, and the pain in my feet was actually a lot worse.  All my other symptoms had stayed the same.  I really wasn’t expecting any changes this time, either.

Imagine my surprise when they called me with the results…656,000!!!  That’s right, my count dropped by almost 200,000!  Needless to say, I am ecstatic.

I had also been worried about my white blood cell count becuase I have been very achey the last several days, but it is still right smack dab in the middle of the normal range.  I will be asking my Hematologist about that when I see him in 2 weeks, because I have also been told by others on Hydrea that it can cause flu-like achiness.

Yes, I will happily accept 10 pounds for results like those.  (although I’ll admit that I hope it doesn’t get much higher than that)

So overall, a very good day.


~ by julie70 on January 28, 2009.

One Response to “We’re making progress!”

  1. i am on hydrea for a while now, and it does work for me. I noticed I put on alot of weight, but, I thought it was getting older and menopause. Does Hydrea cause weight gain, where can I find evidence of weight gain and hydrea.

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